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Property Home Staging in Perth

May-Ann Sorvali is the Creative Director of Coastal Property Styling formally (Abode Property Styling)

She has her real estate license and 20+ years experience in the interior design industry.

The passion that drives May-Ann is her ability to create unique and beautiful interiors whilst incorporating industry real estate knowledge.

May-Ann’s goal: “to create an environment where the prospective home buyers can envision themselves living there.”

For the finest home staging in Perth,contact Coastal Property Styling and see your home transformed. With years ofexperience in the real estate and interior design industries, Coastal PropertyStyling is uniquely qualified to present your home in a way that is mostattractive to potential purchasers. Home styling in Perth is an expertlyconstructed staging service that displays your home in its best light, openingthe imaginations of your home viewers to all the potential that your spaceholds.

How Property Staging in Perth can work for you

When you stage a home to sell in Perth you are highlighting the home’s best features by utilising the right furniture to showcase the maximum potential. Perth home styling aims to secure the highest possible price for your property by curating furnishings to give the best possible first impression, without the need for a full renovation. A positive first impression is key in the real estate industry to securing a quick and successful sale.

Home Styling encourages positive buying emotions

Often homes are passed over in the real estate market for not having the right feel. Emotion is a large part of the buying psyche when it comes to new homes, and our home styling services in Perth can help to inspire the kind of emotions that are needed to encourage potential buyers to make their bid. With the right furniture styling, we can transform a home that may have felt a little too cold before, into a space that is warm and inviting.

Transform your home with Professional Home Styling in Perth

As a leading interior designer, May-Ann has years of experience in providing professional home styling services in Perth for the real estate industry. Let May-Ann work her magic on your home and see just how much difference a professional stylist can make. Our aim is to help you succeed in the sale of your home for the highest possible price, in the shortest possible time, by presenting it in a way that potential buyers just cannot turn away from. Contact us today to see how property staging in Perth can help you to achieve the ultimate sale.


“Sold in 5 Days with 3 Offers”

May-Ann provided a high quality, great value styling service that resulted in our house being sold on the first weekend showing at close to asking price. She transformed our house from a lived in cluttered family home to something that you may see in magazines. This was all done with some advice on what to remove, a few key pieces of furniture and great styling pieces, all off one meeting with us. Can definitely recommend.


“Sold at Preview”

Our house sold on preview day after being staged by May-Ann at Abode Property Styling. It looked amazing and I’m so glad we did it. It also gave me ideas for furnishing our new house. I would strongly recommend.




At Coastal Property Styling we know how to attract buyers to maximize your property’s potential.

More buyers through the door and more potential for a quick sale.

Let us help you with the presentation of your biggest asset. Whether you have an empty home or you live in it. We can help.

We understand that presentation is the key to getting the best price for your home.

We offer Pre-Sale Styling advice if you're still living in your home. With top up of furniture if needed. To a full house presentation.

When you book one of our CONSULTATIONS You will get two hours in-home Styling Assistance. This includes

1) Room Layout and furniture arrangement and relocation advice

2) Styling Advice with key ways to present your home to the market

3) Declutter and Home Edit advice. Practical low cost effective storage solutions

4) A written assessment outlining area to attened to, to maximise on the homes potential