Airbnb Styling

Do you want to achieve a higher occupancy rate for your Airbnb?


Does your Airbnb need a bit more Style? A face lift?

With our successful Airbnb restyle you'll have people lining up to stay at your place.

Some things to consider ....

  1. Design- Get the design and layout right. You may just need to move things around.
  2. Experiences- Give them local experiences to showcase the surrounding areas. What's so great about your location? What are some of your local attractions that are going to attract the people to your place?
  3. Marketing- Have your own website- they book with you, through you
  4. Photography- Its important to have great photography to entice them to your place
  5. Reviews and Testimonials- Get great reviews by having comfy bedding, complimentary items, cold water , ice, beautiful towels etc.
  6. Build a Brand- What's so unique about your place. If you don't know, find out
  7. Incorporate Artwork from local artists that the guests can buy
  8. Create a home away from home experience. Make them feel welcomed.

Priced at $290 for two hours

Get in touch today: 0488 577 414