May-Ann Sorvali is the Creative Director of Coastal Property Styling.

She has her real estate license and 20+ years in the interior design industry. The passion that drives May-Ann is her ability to create unique and beautiful interiors whilst incorporating her real estate knowledge.

May-Ann understands the demographics of Perth, and she knows how to apply this to and style your home for sale. Her number one priority is to understand the area and the demographic. May-Ann always directs and executes all her  projects with the addition of her personal touch.

May-Ann is a Real Estate/Property Stylist and Home Stager. She has the ability to create any look to suit any budget. She can offer you a Pre-Sale Property Styling Consultation. Or you may need her Furniture Staging Services. We also OFFER partial staging, to a full house presentation. 

May-Ann’s goal: “to create an environment where the prospective home buyers can envision themselves living there.”